Something about me

I helped create and now oversee the Open Technology Fund. When I’m not fully immersed in or advocating for OTF’s work, I’m traveling to and from where the work takes me and I want to be. I suppose that makes me a sort of digital nomad. In the margins, you’ll find me consuming newsbooks, and tinkering around with anything that may help us embrace our rapidly changing future.

Below is an attempt at a more official sounding bio for conferences, speaking engagements, or other purposes. If you need them, here are some head-shot photos for you to choose from (one, two, three, four, five?!).

Dan Meredith, aka Dan Blah, is the Principal Director of the Open Technology Fund, having joined as the inaugural team member in January 2012. In this role, he is accountable for OTF’s day-to-day operations and long-term planning.

Over the past decade, Dan has identified as activist, technologist, journalist, and now funder. He continually explores emerging technology-centric trends affecting human rights, social justice, democracy, transparency and accountability, digital security, communication policy.

Before directing the Open Technology Fund, Dan was a senior producer and technologist for the Al Jazeera Network based in in Doha, Qatar. Leading up to and during the Arab Spring, he worked to modernize traditional investigative journalist tool-kits with safe communication technology to protect field reporters and their sources from repressive surveillance, create a privacy-protecting global whistle-blowing and news gathering platform, and produce technology-centric stories for global television broadcast.

Prior to Al Jazeera, Dan was a technologist then senior technology fellow at New America Foundation in Washington, DC. He was the Open Technology Institute’s first full-time staff member in 2009, working to operationalize new “code-as-policy” technology projects with global communities of policy makers, journalists, and technologists. While at OTI, Dan honed his focus to create, educate, demystify, and evangelize open, distributed, and decentralized technologies that increase democratic participation, fight censorship, and disrupted authoritarianism globally.

Earlier in the 2000’s, Dan was a software developer, network engineer, and a volunteer within the Indymedia movement.